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The Partnership Opportunity is Now Available After 3-Year Hiatus of Not Accepting New Enrollment into the Program! (Partnership is for Platinum Membership Only!)
Enrollment Now Being Accepted for the Viper Wealth Exclusive Membership!
How You Can Take Ultimate Control Over Your Financial Future By Getting on the FAST TRACK to Financial Freedom through the Viper Wealth Exclusive Membership!
From Monica Main
Friday, 2:48 P.M.

Dear Future Multi-Millionaire;

I openly brag about how I have thousands of successful students who have been able to achieve ultimate financial freedom by using my real estate and wealth-building investment secrets and strategies.

But I'm not satisfied...not by a long shot! Why? Because if YOU are one of the people who hasn't yet realized absolute financial freedom yet then my job isn't over yet!

My REAL Motivation is Really About BLOWING THE LID Off the Secrets that Rich People DON'T Want the "Little Guy" to Ever Know About!

You may or may not believe in "conspiracy theories." While I enjoy a good conspiracy theory here and there, I don't really believe most of the theories that are floating around out there.
But I do believe ONE thing (and I'm sure you do too)...

The wealthy have NO INTENTION on every "letting in" anyone else into their exclusive wealth club. This is why there is a major disparity between the education system for the poor and middle class vs. the very wealthy.

And it will ALWAYS remain that way!

Did you ever notice that nothing financial is taught in our school system? We don't learn anything except history about a pile of dead people, complicated math equations, and Shakespearean literature...ALL OF WHICH IS WORTHLESS IN THE REAL WORLD!

If you go to Harvard Business or Wharton School of Business, for example, you'll experience a DIFFERENT WORLD. You will experience how to survive and THRIVE in the world of investing and business in a curriculum that is NOT offered in the "poor people" universities. Poor people universities teach you...well, more worthless CRAP to allow you to get a degree so you can get a higher paying job in the same loser salt mines that the uneducated folks get to work in...except that maybe you can be a "supervisor" instead.

And that's not what I planned on doing for my life!

What about you?

I will tell you that as long as you exist on the average lower-middle or middle class hum-drum life track then you will NEVER know of all of the secrets of the wealthy that are PURPOSELY being held from you.


Because they can't allow you to know what THEY know! This means COMPETITION for them. They don't want an "Average Joe Blow Citizen" getting one-up on them and their wealth creation strategies.

They can't possibly allow for their secrets to ever be known to anyone outside their secret circle.

TIME TO "CRACK" THE CODE: Are You Ready to Get WEALTHY Beyond Belief?

There are wealth-building secrets and strategies that have been hidden from the general public for centuries. Some of them still apply today. Some do not. You should have access to this "secret" information for your own wealth-building activities. You should not be left in the dark anymore.
Part of the problem with any wealth-building "system" out there is that it doesn't keep people "up with the times." Most systems are out of date or based on theory from the get-go. You can't build wealth on a bunch of worthless theories or out-of-date information that doesn't apply RIGHT NOW or in the VERY NEAR FUTURE.

What if you could move "with the process" of wealth building month-to-month while all along being brought up to speed immediately?

What if you could experience the latest information including real estate wealth-building strategies, the hottest areas in the country to invest, new lenders that pop up, and even be introduced to new investors looking for money-making investments?

What if you could get access to up-to-the-minute training materials relevant for RIGHT NOW including webinars, audio seminars, and call-in days/times with experts (including myself) every WEEK as you need assistance?

I have finally created a means to meet the demands of my most serious students who want to build a lifelong cash flow within the next 6 - 12 months through what I call...

The Viper Wealth Exclusive Membership!

This will give you EVERYTHING you feel you may be lacking including FULL-THROTTLE support to assist you in every step of the way through the process of lucrative real estate investing.
Can Do For YOU!

It's Like Having a MAGIC GENIE on Your Desk that Can Give You INSTANT SECRETS on Real Estate Investing...Including WHERE TO INVEST, WHERE NOT TO INVEST, and Where to Gain Access to SECRET LENDERS and PARTNERS Who Can Make You Very Wealthy!

It would be priceless to have access to every element you are missing right now including...  

*Secret lending sources for money for your deals including private lenders!

*Access to partners and fellow members who have money for deals but want to take someone else along for the ride to allow you to become part of a deal for a lucrative monthly cash flow!

*Monthly audio seminars and webinar trainings to keep you abreast of the latest ground-breaking real estate developments!

*A call-in "help desk" to ask questions every week so that you don't have to second-guess your decisions or application of the real estate strategies I teach. Even gain access to me personally with monthly and bi-monthly call-in days.

Extremely Rare Partnership Opportunity!


Because I have had such success in the partnership property scout programs, I decided to bring it back with a couple of changes. Here is a better explanation on how the property scout program will work for those who become part of the Viper Wealth Exclusive Platinum Membership Access:
Partner In With My Own Students Who Have Money But Don't Want to Invest In Their Own Backyard!
This is a NEW TWIST to the partnership program!

You see, I have hundreds of my own students who have money to put into lucrative real estate deals but they can't find anything local to where they are that is lucrative they would prefer to work out of state but don't feel comfortable enough in doing a deal without having someone they "know" who is "on the ground" locally!

This is one of the things we are doing in my exclusive Apprenticeship Group where my students "pool" their funds together and do deals across the nation while all enjoying a huge monthly cash flow...this is because at lease ONE of the partners in the group is "on the ground" and local to the property. This allows EVERYONE to make money in areas that may not be possible for you to do if you are, say, 2,000 miles away from the property!

By being part of the Viper Wealth Exclusive Membership, you will have access to other members and can "get together" with those who have identified themselves as having some money to put into deals and you can start working with them on deals together. This is an option that you will NEVER have in any other group except if you are part of my VERY EXPENSIVE monthly Apprenticeship Group (that runs up to $1,000 a month) and definitely NOT something any other "guru" will let you have access to!

Have You Ever Hear the Saying, "It's Not What You Know, It's WHO You Know"?

Let's be frank: Networking means everything when you are in business. Anyone who functions in the film industry knows this all too well. It's not what you know, it's who you know. The same applies to every other type of business. After all, would you ever have to experience being "broke" if you had unlimited access and use of "Other People's Money"? Nope. Definitely not.

When Donald Trump was going through some financial set-backs, he was quickly and easily able to get back on top through his never-ending network of people HE KNEW including people on the board at the banks where he could get money for new property deals!

By becoming part of the Viper Wealth Exclusive Membership, you will be able to network with both my current students (including those who have money), investors, and lenders who can give you a "leg up" in your real estate investing business. This is what you need if you have decided to become a serious real estate investor. You cannot stay "holed up" in a dark corner without getting yourself out there to network and make connections otherwise you are done before you start.
How YOU Can Gain Access to the Member-Only ExclusiveTotal Wealth Building System Which Details the 4 Essential Success Quadrants That EVERY Entrepreneur and Investor MUST Know for Financial Success in the New Economy!
 It's VERY RARE When I have a HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE opportunity that comes by. But right now I do, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Introducing the Total Wealth Building System. This system is EXCLUSIVE to those who gain access to the Viper Wealth Exclusive Membership and is not available any other way. So...what IS the Total Wealth Building System and how is it about to completely change your life?​

This system will outline -- in great detail -- the 4 Essential Success Quadrants that are absolutely required for attaining success in the New Economy. These Success Quadrants are:

1) Personal Transformation and Breakthrough Strategies: Most people simply DO NOT have the right mind-set to achieve success. This is why they keep buying courses, attending events, listening to audio CD, and try to create their own action plans for starting a business or investing in real estate but yet they don't succeed. They stop somewhere along the way whether it's at the very beginning or somewhere in the middle. Perhaps the worst part is that they find themselves sitting in the exact same spot they were 5 years ago and, if they don't do some brain "reprogramming," unfortunately they'll continue stumbling against those very same success barriers that keep getting in the way. In this Success Quadrant, you'll discover a very precise and quick way to find your stumbling blocks. Perhaps even more astounding, you'll be given the tools needed to eliminate those blocks entirely so that there are NO MORE BLOCKAGES to your success, putting you on a Fast-Pass Path to Success! Without this step, you'll probably find yourself exactly in this same spot in 5 years from now. And we don't want that, do we? Don't skip this quadrant because if you do, all the rest of the stuff you learn will be relatively useless if your brain isn't pre-readied through specific success conditioning. 

2) Personal Credit Repair/Rebuilding and Business Credit Strategies: A lot has changed with the way banks operate ever since our near-banking collapse in late 2008. First of all, if your personal mid-FICO score isn't higher than 720 then you have work to do. If it isn't AT LEAST at 700 or above then you DEFINITELY have work to do. So...what's the deal with personal credit? Why is it so important? I'm assuming that you eventually want to get involved in passive income real estate investing. If you don't, you should since NOTHING will promote your long-term wealth-building than passive income real estate investing (namely with residential-commercial apartment building acquisitions). Being that this is the "bigger picture" plan, you will only qualify in getting the best possible mortgages and interest rates if you have stellar personal credit. Going a step further, you'll want to build something called "business credit." Banks will give much larger lines of unsecured business credit (including loans, credit cards, BLOCs, etc.) to businesses that are backed by an individual (you) who has solid personal credit. As you can see, the entire system of credit revolves around YOU and how good your personal FICO score rating is. So, you have to fix and rebuild your personal credit. At the same time, you can start building business credit because banks will ALWAYS give A LOT MORE MONEY to businesses (even if they're brand-spanking new) because they know that businesses require more funds for inventory and business operations. Therefore, they're always willing to give up more unsecured funds to a business than to an individual. This is why building business credit is also essential to your long-term success in both the capacities of Aggressive Income and Passive Income (which are both explained below). 

3) Aggressive Income Business Strategies: Now that the economy is becoming more and more stabilized as the days roll on, it becomes harder and harder to do "creative financing" or "no money down" deals with real estate. (Again, remember that your overall "big picture" strategy is to include long-term buy-and-hold real estate assets as part of your long-term wealth-building plan.) So, because these types of deals are harder to do now (not impossible but HARDER to pull off), you'll have to expect to inject a down payment into your deals. On most commercial deals, you'll be expected to come up with a 20% cash down payment. On a multifamily deal (falling into the "residential" category) of 4 units or less, you'll be required to put in 25% cash down. Therefore, you have to hustle for that cash! Yes, it may seem difficult but it's really quite simple. You're already learning one strategy before you get to this point (with business credit) on raising the funds for these property down payments (and due diligence costs such as appraisals, building inspections, closing costs, etc.) through building unsecured business credit as outline above. But how much leverage will you actually get by starting a very easy to do, very low-cost yet highly profitable home-based business into the mix? This is where Aggressive Income Strategies come in. You'll be show the most highly-guarded massive cash flow home-business strategies that can make you, in the very least, $20,000 per month IF you follow the steps correctly. You'll be learning about these strategies in this quadrant. 

4) Passive Income Business Strategies: This is part of that "bigger picture" that I've been talking about. There is no greater wealth building plan than investing in real estate. But not just ANY type of real estate is okay to invest in. Not all investment real estate is created equal. First of all, get rid of the notion that you'll be flipping real estate deals like you see on television. That's NOT how you create long-term passive cash flow real estate wealth. Instead you'll be focusing on multifamily and residential-commercial (apartment building) assets where you will buy them and (preferably) hang onto them FOREVER. Most people don't know that most rents will DOUBLE in 15 to 18 years in most areas of the country. On top of that, if you inject some of the cash flow from your GOI (Gross Operating Income, gross receipts paid by tenant rents and "vig") into the principle of your mortgage, you'll pay off your mortgage in 15 years or less! Imagine how much cash flow you'll get from a completely paid off building where rents have doubled in 15 years from now? And if you have 5 to 10 buildings (which is all you need in most areas of the country to be banking a huge monthly cash flow almost immediately), you'll have the perfect passive income vehicle to not only do what you want NOW (without a job or working in a business that you hate) but you'll have the PERFECT retirement plan that literally doubles your income AUTOMATICALLY every couple of decades! What other retirement vehicle can be that powerful? 

The answer: NONE other than passive income real estate! Even more awesome than that, when you find the right management company to operate each building that you own (which is fairly simple to do) you'll be completely hands off on every property and never have to deal with tenants EVER! All of this is covered in detail in this amazing Success Quadrant. 

This complete Total Wealth Building System is INCLUDED in your Gold Viper Wealth Membership and it will be shipped to you after you enroll. Again, you CANNOT purchase this Total Wealth Building System or get it any other way. It's EXCLUSIVE to Viper Wealth Members ONLY. 

If you decide to upgrade to Platinum, you'll get everything included in the Gold Viper Wealth Membership (including the Total Wealth Building System) PLUS you'll get my Advanced Real Estate Investing Strategies along with complete training for these secrets.  This also is not available any other way EXCEPT directly to Platinum Viper Wealth Members.  There are SO MANY REASONS why you should upgrade to Platinum including gaining access to never-before-revealed resources, a monthly HOT TIP sheet on new opportunities and investments, partnership opportunities on pre-approved real estate deals, bird-dogging (property scout) opportunities, special hands-on training sessions, special webinar trainings and seminars, calls with me, and much much more.  See the comparison of both memberships below then enroll today!​
Gold Membership
Gold Viper Wealth Membership will give you a monthly newsletter to including the most cutting-edge business, marketing, credit (personal and business), and real estate investing strategies that you need to know about for huge profits! You'll receive the Total Wealth Building System with the accompanying video, a complete audio series to get you started on the 4 Essential Success Quadrants (which include personal mindset conditioning, personal/credit building, Aggressive Income Strategies, and Passive Income Strategies) and the monthly newsletter which will be delivered via USPS mail. All of your Total Wealth Building elements AND your newsletter is mailed; none of this is available via download. You'll also get these additional membership benefits:

*One Monthly Call-In Day to Speak Directly with Monica Main
​*One Monthly Webinar Including Access to the Playback Recording
*Discounts on Special Events and Products
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Platinum Membership
Platinum Viper Wealth Membership gives you EVERYTHING you'll get in Gold (including the Total Wealth Building System) PLUS the Advanced Real Estate Investing System with the Advanced Wealth Secrets Video AND Platinum Wealth Secrets Audio Seminar, Million-Dollar Platinum-Only Resources (for both real estate and non-real estate businesses), the Platinum-level newsletter (which includes MORE on cutting-edge real estate investing strategies). You'll also get these additional membership benefits:

*Opportunity Hot Sheet (Monthly) for Real Estate and Other Cutting-Edge Strategies
*Two Monthly Call-In Days to Speak Directly with Monica Main
*Two Monthly Special-Training Webinars Including *Access to Playback Recording
*Monthly Audio Seminar
*Special One-on-One Trainings & Workshops
*Access to Pre-Approved Deals for Partnership Opportunities
*Access to the Newest Sources for Money, *Partnering, Bird-Dogging, and Business Resources
*Discounts on Special Events and Products Including "Early Access"
*Front-Row Seating, Dinner With Monica, Event *Recordings, and Other Perks at All Seminar Events That You Register For and Attend.
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